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uk trade

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    Great posts of late all..

    my humble contribution as follows..

    CFU UK profit taking continues unfortunately with bid/ask down to 26/26.5 (down 2.8%) last trade floating around 26p

    Toward the end of trade a few large buys totalling over 600K units moved through, otherwise the day was full off small/mid range sells.

    total volume 917K

    I hate to say it but I see nothing to suggest we wont see more pullbacks but frankly I dont really care, as discussed we have maybe 6 months before we see the timeline of CFU unquestionably defined and perhaps more enticing to the insto's.

    Now we have all seen how excited the CFU SP can get on the back of news I think we will see more folks happy to simply sit out the various fluctuations that are part of CFU's unfolding. All's well and the futures bright....
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