UK Labour leaderhip race - membership surge again. Why?

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    Before Corbyn's election as UK Labour leader in 2015, their party made one of the stupidest decisions in UK political history. For a few pounds, anyone could join Labour and vote. Thousands of Tories did. Judging Corbyn to be the most inept and unelectable, they paid 3 pounds and voted for him then boasted about it, using the hashtag #ToriesForCorbyn.

    Is it happening again?

    Labour has experienced a surge in membership since the general election, BBC Two's Newsnight has reported. Constituency Labour parties (CLPs) have reported rises in local membership amid the ongoing leadership race, in which members will vote from 21 February. In Hammersmith, west London, the CLP has seen a 32% increase while in Bury North numbers have gone up by 26%. It is not clear whether these members have only joined to get a vote.

    Are people joining to sabotage Labour by again electing the most repulsive candidate? Or is it an influx of centrist voters, wanting to bring back the party from the hard left?
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