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    Dr Zhivago.
    Started watching the DVD last night, the first time I've seen it since it came out over 50 years ago.
    It's so long it has an Intermission, so I stopped it there and will go back to it.
    Is it a UK movie? Well most of the leading cast are UK actors - Julie Christie, Ralph Richardson, Alec Guiness, Rita Tushingham, Tom Courtenay and of course the director David Lean.

    It's still as good as I remember it. In fact I'd rate it among the best movies ever but that's subjective.
    It didn't win an Oscar, which two of David Lean's other movies did, but it did win a Golden Globe.
    But the scope of it is epic and the story is a masterpiece, Boris Pasternak's novel. The only the other story with the same epic proportions, which I don't think has ever been made into a movie, is And Quiet Flows the Don.
    Maybe the Russians have done it.

    If you haven't seen Dr Zhivago, maybe it's before your time, do yourself a favour.
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