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    I can see why scarvas offput miningnut.The current trading smells like a fish market at the end of a 40 degree day.As far as a gentlemans agreement goes I would put about as much faith in this as Nasa has in the shuttle at the moment.Unless you can confirm gentlemans agreement,those other brokers at site bring out reports and start pushing it to their clients and get some decent volume going,it will go down or at the very least stay where it is.13B mentioned nothing of a holding period.Im was hopeful that other brokers might be buying in after last weeks volume but this now does not appear to be the case.In any event,unless there is a 'gentlemans agreement' there will be a surplus of 10 million shares.The short/medium term price of this stock looks threatened to say the least.Next couple of weeks will show us the reality.I sincerely hope this is NOT the case but it doesnt look good to me.

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