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    For UEC currently, EBITDA is vastly more significant than OpEx, and even their latest bland declamation still insists their EBITDA will surpass $17m.


    A possible OpEx overrun up to $2m pales in comparison. It's not unthinkable that UEC might pass these costs onto their customers. And these rising costs might hint at rising demand for qualified personnel or increased carrier costs.

    Big tenders typically involve extended delays through pointless gabfests, a stitched up result going to a dodgy incumbent rather than to the best proposal, or Mongolian hordes thrown at a compressed panic deadline. Recipes for fiascos, so UEC's not so small relentless twice a day contracts are vastly preferable.

    While UEC announces new long term sales figures it suggests significant above average growth. And since it's near enough to self-subsistence its sale price and share price deserve to head North.
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