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    Pondexter came onto this thread a few weeks ago all excited and waving his arms about. All blustered and flustered in the face was he as he tried to tell us about underground coal gasification. We all stared at him blankly. A few said things like "It's all about the CSG man". Then we all went back to eating grass and chewing our cuds and poor old Poyndexter was left standing there all alone.

    But now I've had only a small look at this ucg thing and I can see a value adding potential for any csg company such as Molopo. Real sketchily, ucg technology is the process of turning coal into gas underground and then harvesting the gas. It is good for coal seams that are so deep that they are uneconomical to dig out as coal.

    The reason I bring this up is that T4P mentioned the other night about his new baby SXP. Which I must say looks pretty darn fine to me. They may have a csg resource as big if not bigger than the MPO china resource. But then they go on to talk about not just the gas but the coal itself. Elsewhere in their presentations they mention utilizing ucg technology.

    Is MPO looking at this ucg technology ?? Can they even apply it ?? Why are these johnny come latelies talking about using it and still not a murmur from MPO ?? At this stage ucg is not even a buzz word that you associate with MPO. If SXP has ucg and MPO doesn't then I simply cannot go on. I must have it. It may well be able to add $$$ to the MPO shareprice.
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