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ubs could mean new bid in play

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    Morning all,

    Since the declaration by UBS, the price has moved north again. The close is the highest it's ever been since the first t/o announcement.

    IMHO, I think with so many substantial share holders in place, more than just me is thinking that "the first bid is rarely the last"; and another bid could come from one of these holders (or acting on behalf of another bidder).

    Ratio of the number of shares on the buy side to sell side has also substantially increased as well (9:1). I know that (as one other poster has commented) it's true where there is a seller, there is a buyer; but, this ratio really indicates the demand.
    I mean if there is less buyer, you won't expect the price to increase would you!

    Case in point, the 10 mil buyers are now at 2.06.

    It's the start of a very interesting week, me thinking!
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