U.K. Dung-fired power station starts generating el

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    Dung-fired power station starts generating electricity!

    Britain's first dung-fired power station has started to produce electricity for the National Grid.

    The £7.7 million complex will run on about 1.6 million tonnes of slurry each year, which will be collected from about 30 local farmers.

    The plant, at Holsworthy in north Devon, will produce about 1.4 megawatts of power when operating at full capacity.

    The slurry ferments in two digesters, and produces methane gas to power engines to produce electricity.

    Story filed: 08:50 Thursday 18th July 2002

    Amazing..... I think a company on the ASX is doing something similar? mmmmmm Oh thats right.. I remember now! Envirostar Energy (EEL).

    And if memory serves me correctly, EEL's sister company has already built a commercial "Efluent Sludge to Energy" power plant in Perth.
    Now if you can turn Shit into Power, then Gum Leaves and grass shouldn't be a problem LOL!
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