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    HI.FORGET the technology and the FUTURE. pointless discussion except to dream (which i like to do) or to do some ramming (which i also like to do). the only issue on shareholders minds should be the PRESENT because the way things are going that slice of tzl pie which you used to have, which is now only a crumb, will very likely soon only be a distant aroma. "hey i bought 100 shares in Apple. its down 20% but that doesn't matter because its the greatest tech company ever. i'll be happy when apple is below $200 because it will still be the greated tech company ever". yeh right!

    the big problem now is that to deliver any shareholder value the deals have to be so huge as does the ramming by the company which they might not be capable of based on history. this brings bigger problems in that big deals need much more money. more money needs even more shares issued. and so on.

    i would like to know when this destruction of non qvt shareholder value will end. we are now looking at 428 m shares and who would bet again 750 m in 12 months time.

    a real shame that shareholders at the agm chose to drink the kool aid again and didn't ask the important questions. we are owed lots of answers.

    anybody who think share price follows profitability clearly does not understand that this can only be the case if earnings per shares are not destroyed by continual capital raisings. if this logic was the case then tzl should be over $1 because losses are not as bad as 3 years ago.

    below are the facts - like them or not. and you can bet qvt will take up their right to reprice notes down. where is the agreement that they will not as was 'negotiated' in feb for that capital raising ? THANKS

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