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Typical positive day ..

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    As some of us know and others dont like to know, this company has been chosen as a money making machine ,ie shorting , trading (algo )(flash)(etc )this decision was made early in the long process because year by year not a foot has been put wrong , its an Australian biotech on its way to become bigger than CLS and COH, and in fact in the top ten by 2020 note that please ....Battler , thanks for your post , for newbies Battler and I posted On" Shares guru " now a decade +ago and some thought we were mad , interesting some do now , or say they do !!! Battler in answer to your quest. There were no specific Pharmas, named of course but expect they are well know world wide .... as suggested in the webcast some groups are large in the lower back pain , and some pharmas are very large in the ra/ and diabetic app. Im very pleased Silvui used plural terms this will result in the best outcomes for our company ....Angelus you do like Mesoblast but everytime the sp dives you look for a company fault , someone suggested a week ago how frustrating is this mob . The share price has nothing to do with the company , look at last 2 days down 35c ? and with a positive ann ..(ha ha MSB has had 100,s ) Oh now adam .. Guess reading MSB on hot copper would be boring without you thanks for your complex posts actualy around half make good reading , but no doubt you are aligned with a shorting company and or algorthmic trading ....Have you listened to the QanA of the web cast ... someone foward a quest. from mac bank cant rember his name , a dog that rounds up sheep ? nah someone help .. anyway his quest. was and it was long winded ...."will your company need to start again because the 3d manufacturing changes all your previous work done " Answer NO and quick reasons why , just thought of his name Collie , wonder if hes under scurnity as most mc bank "analysts are " Im sure he is ....One more statement for all readers , there many who know this, never doubt the leadership of this company , there are many reasons dates are not met and there are many reasons why for goodness sake we are on ground braking history gen. med .thats a first .. we are the best ..another first ..change the face of medicine world wide ...13 applications going full steam ahead and more coming ...When you think about this it history in the making , and its going to happen .. Cheers Vince
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