two stocks to watch..great charts.....opinions???

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    Two stocks rarely mentioned here that have great looking charts (yes I have bought some and am at a small loss on both currently) are SEN (Senetas) and PSA (Petsec).........partucularly PSA. They have everything I look for in a turnaround breakout.......good symmetrical base with clear resistance line ,volume spike and strong break of resistance. When you buy following the break as I do you run the risk of a pullback before the uptrend (hopefully) kicks off......and that's where these two seem to be.

    These two companies have little in the way of fundamental info around the traps.........SEN takes strategic positions in a number of high tech businesses and PSA is an ex oil explorer who after a restructure seems to be living off its old leases and taking shares in the drilling on theses leases.

    I would be interested if anyone has a more in depth understanding of the fundamental prospects for either of these companies. Good propsects always makes me feel better even though a small % of my trades are done on technicals alone (often gets you in before the fundamentals become apparent). Thanks in advance.
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