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two more to the moly list

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    Malmbjerg 0.20% 220Mt
    RCH 0.168% 106Mt (possibly as high as 0.2% due to assay errors)
    Roca Mines 0.19 50Mt
    Mount Hope 0.098% 300Mt
    Davidson 0.085% 276Mt
    Lucky Ship 0.07% 45Mt
    Ruby Creek 0.062% 199 Mt
    Moly Metals 0.06% 450Mt
    Cannivan Gulch 0.06% 117Mt
    Blue Pearl 0.043 492Mt
    As of Feb 15, 2008: Moly was US$34.125/ lb

    Assay errors could have the RCH historical assay grades understated by 33%.

    Look at this list of pure Moly miners/to become miners from around the world. The top one is the Danish class act and the small but highly profitable Rocca but RCH which of course is a junior and a way off being as advanced as the rest, has the grade to lick the rest of them.

    China produces the second most Moly but its mostly from mum and pop mines (500 of them) and grades are not known. Where China use to export 100Mt it now exports only 80Mt as China places export restrictions on the metal.
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