URANIUM 1.02% $24.70 uranium futures

two microcap juniors worth a look

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    Their new Argentinian uranium project sounds very prospective indeed. They have a 92.5% share.

    Where was the last project you heard of with BACKGROUND readings of 90ppm uranium?! Over 16km of strike? In Namibia you'd be getting excited at ASSAYS this high!!!!!!!! Trench assays look pretty exciting at 2,500-2,900 ppm = 6lbs/tonne = ton/rock value of $US540/ton at POU $US90. Drilling commencing now.

    Look at the market cap.....tiny. FD 106M * 13c = $14M.

    Just be aware they will need to raise cash soon.

    I've taken a significant position here. They also have a Cu/Au project in WA.

    I also think BOM is another deeply undervalued play. Dr Rick Valenta heads it up (ex-Fronteer Canada that found the big Michelin Uranium deposit) and has achieved a huge amount in just a few months including the scrip offer for TSX Buffalo Gold's Aus uranium tenements which are really worth close study. Well worth a look IMO. Also have stock in this one.
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