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    Tweed(ly) D(ee) - Tweed(ly) aint dum - but Michael West's Margin Call column has him in his sights.

    The Australian
    Margin Call
    Michael West

    Naughty Boy, Rodent


    THE despicable rodent from Roden Street, David Tweed, is gnawing his way into the share registers of OneSteel and Pivot.

    Despite efforts from the regulators to close him down, the irredeemable maggot persists in posting out low-ball share offers to unsuspecting mums and dads.
    OneSteel shares finished at $1.81 yesterday. Yet OneSteel shareholders were in receipt of a letter from The Rodent's National Exchange Pty Ltd, which offered to relieve them of their stock at the princely price of 60c apiece.

    The current ASX price of OneSteel was nowhere to be found on The Rodent's missive to shareholders.

    Even more insidious is that his latest offer to shareholders in fertiliser group Pivot is pitched at $3 for each Pivot share. As Pivot is busy merging with Orica's chemical offshoot Incitec, there is no quoted price. Pivot is unlisted, so its rural shareholder base can't check the price of the securities.

    But the independent expert's report on the merger from Ernst & Young values Pivot at $10.42 to $12.53 a share. And that's before the pending $1.40 a share special dividend.

    While drought-stricken farming communities are struggling to make ends meet this toilet is trying to rip them off.

    Among The Rodent's other recent targets are AMP's income securities – he'd better get in quickly – and IOOF, which is yet to list.

    Tweed, you should leave the country. You're a disgrace.

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