tuvalu : blinkered box watchers

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    Leaping seems to be as blinkered as ever, judging by his post on Tuvalu. Here are some observations which might make Tuvalu's prospects

    The earth has been warming since the last ice age.

    The combination of warming ocean temperatures and melting continental ice sheets and glaciers has resulted in rising sea levels.
    There is a huge body of geological evidence that suggests this to be the case. In light of this, I find leaping's belief in the idea
    that sea levels are not changing, based on satellite measurements over a very short time frame, to be very unusual in a skeptic, but
    very understandable in someone seeking to support their ideology.

    The earth's climate is continuing to warm, and current observations suggest that sea levels will rise by 6 metres over the next 1000
    years, compared to about 8 metres over the last 8000 years.

    Tuvalu is a nation of coral atolls. Atolls are formed and protected by growing coral reefs offsetting the effects of rising sea
    levels, if Charles Darwin's hypothesis is correct. Part of the danger to Tuvalu comes from the potential of increased storm
    frequency and intensity to breach the reef, leaving the islands vulnerable to being washed away. Coral bleaching could intensify
    this risk. Science may come to the rescue, with the development of fast growing, heat resistant coral species and techniques for harvesting the
    coral to build up the islands, so augmenting a natural process

    The plight of Tuvalu will play itself out over the coming decades, accompanied by much debate. For most Australians, it will be no more than a story that occasionally appears on telly. In contrast, in the next decade, a
    changing climate may cause a water crisis in an Australian city. Now that would expose an example of greed being placed ahead of
    human welfare, wouldn't it?

    The "climate change is bs" brigade is remarkably silent about Australia's weather, but I read plenty about the profligacy of people
    who would prefer a lawn to stones and cacti. So someone is worried about the cardboard and staple sh*tbox sideshow being threatened.

    Onward dozer!! Onward!!

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