turtle joke for ridge

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    G'day Ridge,

    As you seem to want to be a smart%$#@ this morning I thought I would pass on my favorite turtle joke. I am sure that you would remember the gentleman in question.

    Russ Hinze, the immensely fat Queensland Cabinet Minister was on a fact finding mission in North Queensland with his minders. They stopped for lunch at a remote café and were surprised to find turtle soup on the menu. After the owner verified it was fresh turtle soup, Russ said, “I haven’t had that for years.” Off went the owner and while the party had a pre-lunch drink they could hear from the kitchen a continual and vigorous “chop-chop” sound followed by an increasing passionate string of invective. Eventually one of the minders went off the investigate the delay and found the owner trying to decapitate a live turtle with a cleaver whenever the head appeared. But every time the turtle was too fast. The minder said, “When I say NOW you can get him.!” He moved to the rear of the turtle and rammed his finger into the rear aperture of the carapace, upon which the turtle’s head appeared, bearing a look of amazement and indignation. And the owner had no difficulty in chopping it off.
    Impressed with the efficiency and simplicity of the strategy, the owner asked, “where did you learn that trick, mate?” to which the minder replied, “How do you think we get Russ’ tie on each morning?

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