Turnbull strutting like a peacock!

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    This passes for Journalism Amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!

    But Malcolm Turnbull’s body language was decidedly different. The self-made millionaire sauntered along towards the end of the pack, hands clasped firmly behind his back. To the untrained eye, it appeared a little cocky.

    But we thought we’d ask a trained eye for a second opinion, so we turned to Dr Lisa A Williams, social psychologist at UNSW Australia.

    We showed the above image of Mr Turnbull to Dr Williams, and she said that when a person holds their hands behind their back, it can indicate confidence or power, and can even be seen as a chest-puffing gesture.

    “Holding your arms behind your back and doing a bit of chest-puffing could be an attempt to convey dominance,” Dr Williams told news.com.au.

    So basically, Malcolm Turnbull still thinks Malcolm Turnbull is the duck’s nuts, according to one interpretation of his body language today. But what can we infer from this?


    What can we infer from this anyone care to guess?
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