Turnbull craves recognition

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    LOL Poor Mal , the worst polling Pm in history and a failed leader twice.

    What more recognition does he want?

    Back under the bed Mal , your useless.

    If you ask Malcolm Turnbull, he’ll tell you that a referendum on indigenous recognition was his idea and Scott Morrison is merely copying him.
    Or so Strewth hears. He wouldn’t go on the record to confirm if, like the internet, he did invent the referendum road map to recognition.
    As Coalition MPs sulk over not being consulted, one backbencher told Strewth the unexpected election result may play havoc on any referendum plans.

    The government will only bring on a referendum if they’re confident it will pass. And how will they know? The polls.
    The Coalition MP hinted that sneaky colleagues may use the battered reputation of the polls (currently on hibernation) to question the support a public vote may get. Especially with the added difficulty of a double majority.
    FYI, a 2015 Newspoll found 63 per cent of voters back constitutional change.

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