Turnbull A Shrivelled Up Walnut says Kennett

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    Jeff Kennett's take on Malcolm Turnbull on Sunrise this morning

    Malcolm Turnbull is bitter twisted and hypocritical

    He is blaming his Colleagues in August for doing what he and his Colleagues
    did four years ago to Tony Abbott

    If Malcolm continues like this, like a walnut he is going shrivel
    and like walnuts he will fall from the tree

    For him to say that the right removed him
    and doesn't understand why he was removed...
    He was removed because the pretence on which he stood and took over the Leadership
    were not met, that is economic recovery and of course opinion polls
    and of course in those days four years ago they argued that
    Malcolm Turnbull and the Left hijacked the Liberal Party

    So Malcolm Turnbull
    Go back to bed, get on with your life
    Because if you don't
    Like a Prune... Like a Walnut
    You're Going to Shrivel

    .....Kennett shifts into overdrive with the following...

    One of the reasons he lost was because he couldn't b****y communicate
    and still can't communicate

    It's all about Malcolm
    It's not about you
    It's not about me
    It wasn't about Australia
    All he was ever interested in was Malcolm Turnbull

    I didn't like it when he took over from Tony Abbott
    Because I don't like Leadership change during a period of term
    But I supported him from the first day to the hilt
    But I've always had a sense in my gut that this man
    Was never a Liberal
    Was never about anyone but himself
    And his performance last night
    And his desertion of the Party at Wentworth

    How can you blame the Liberal Party for losing Wentworth
    When the person who had the opportunity
    To Represent it,
    Be Prime Minister
    Spat the dummy, went overseas and wouldn't even assist his Successor

    This man is Selfish
    This man should not be heard from again
    Unless his wishes to get on with another life

    A Walnut...A Walnut...

    I've had a Gut full of him

    He will shrivel to be a Walnut, if he doesn't show a little more generosity
    and communicate better with the Public

    Way to Go Jeff Kennett!!
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