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turn the light on & have a good look

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    You guys are amazing to say the least.

    I said when SLT dropped from mid 40s to high 30s buy buy buy buy buy buy

    It dropped from 60s to mid 50s - im saying it again buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy


    did anyone see the sell down to one big foul swoop.......anyone wishing to sell a large LIGITIMENT chunk would have sold down bit by bit, as SLT seems to soak up 20k sellers on market, so why did this seller lose out on 5%.......

    This I see as a MAJOR buy signal, as someone is trying to bring sellers out of SLT for someone to accumulate a large amount from the panick strickened SLT holders scared to hold.....could this be our mistery BIG BOY who wants in???? maybe, all Im saying is 53/54c was prime buying...I picked up although a small amount, but all the SLTO today.....have to do it in small amounts or I dont get

    GOOD times to roll....MME knows his stuff, and although he has only posted on SLT DOC, NO FEAR is spot on the mark trust me......WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM STOCKING UP ON THESE LITTLE SLTO..........

    If people only knew what is happening ATM......hep C will knock the socks off this stock......HEP E and A will do very very well, BUT C makes A & E combined a minow........

    THIS IS A MONEY MAKER and only the TRUE believers will make serious money from this


    above is my opinion only, FOR all I know, I may lose all my money

    DOUBT IT THOUGH....I found out something today..

    Look for a run and then too late guys

    Good luck
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