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    Well, in the Sept. quarter report it was stated that the president of Turkmenistan has not yet signed the Investment Agreement. Obviously, if he had signed it since, it would have been reported.
    The MAPP deal is the current cornerstone of AXC, isnt it?
    So when the Prez wont sign off and geopolitical and geostrategic volatility appears on the increase in Turkmenistan, one can reasonably be concerned.

    I paste here an extract from that shows the increasing Russian involvement and regional tension.
    So, where do we stand? Are we flogging a dead horse?

    "This increased cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan will trouble Turkmenistan a country which, due to its exposed location, relatively small population (approximately 5 million) and lack of military resources, is very concerned about being invaded by a stronger power. Turkmenistan sees the increasingly assertive Uzbekistan on its northern border as just such a threat. Russia has taken advantage of this development by using security guarantees to strengthen relations with Turkmenistan. Ashgabat thought it could rely on Moscow to keep Uzbekistan isolated, but Lavrovs latest overtures will not sit well with Turkmenistan.

    Medvedev therefore is holding his own serious discussions on this issue in Ashgabat to reassure the countrys leadership that Russia will remain its protector. Russias ultimate goal, however, is not to placate Turkmenistan; it is to make sure its influence is entrenched throughout its near abroad and is not threatened by potential challengers like Uzbekistan."

    Lets hope we get an update in the December Quarterly.


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