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tungsten replaces lead ...

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    Tungsten replaces lead

    The ban of lead in the RoHS directive has initated the hunt for alternatives. Researchers have now found that tungsten has radiation shielding skills that are better than lead.

    July 04 2007, 5:31 PM (evertiq)
    by: Jesper Olsson

    "Lead may be the asbestos of the 21st Century," comments Matt Hlavin, vice president of sales and marketing of Thogus Products.

    Thogus Products has developed over 50 lead replacing materials in many different applications. In shielding tungsten is used as replacement for lead.

    "Lead is toxic, and you have the recycling costs, the handling issues. It is not environmentally friendly", Hlavin added.

    The new material has a specific gravity of 11.0, the same as lead, and shields radiation as well, or better than, lead, according to Hlavin. Target applications are manufacturers of products such as x-ray tubes, collimators and housings, dental x-ray equipment and trays, nuclear medicine containers, gaskets and seals.
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