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Hello it would help if you kept up with the research papers and...

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    Hello it would help if you kept up with the research papers and trials underway not some old phase 1 paper published back in 2012 when many PK13 inhibitors drug were out of favour and failing. Dan Faber and St Jude produced research papers that had the clinicians starting the trials before the papers were even published. QQQQQQQQ your clearly uniformed on what is going one here.

    "KZA was the biggest bidder".. Again your ignorance is breathtaking it was not up for sale. KZA saw the potential in a time when gentech were not going to purse this platform because the failures at the time of some other leading drugs in this area which have now turned around and have actually made it to market. They approached Gentech and made a private offer. Sucks to be them, great for us.

    If there is nothing glorifying then please explain why Dan Faber, St Judes and now a NCI funded trial with Alliance are all willing to pay for these trials. And they are not small trials. You see the excitement that has led to the level of participation by the biggest and best minds in this field are willing to stump up their precious funds to investigate GDC-0084 because there is nothing glorfing in the data???. Only a fool would say that. And he has.
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