I had a 360/1 winner but that was pre photocopiers...lolChokito...

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    I had a 360/1 winner but that was pre photocopiers...lol
    Chokito paid $180.50 for a 50c unit ..mid week @ Warwick Farm i think ...when they had big fields ...was TAB No 19.. ..wasn’t even sure if it was the other one I bet on it listening to the race driving to Caulfield TAB I was that focussed on my main bet Bart Cummings No 20 20/1 that I was confident of winning.
    Parked outside the Caulfield TAB and checked my ticket and realised I had it...walked into the TAB...and all the pandemonium ..the owner was saying to the patrons ..” just one unit on it would be good” as I pushed across my ticket....then she’s yelling out “hey ..this guy had it ...and only straight out for a win “...lol
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