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    HOMEX - Perth
    Tuart is pleased to announce that the Preston Vale and Diamond Ridge
    vineyards are nearing the completion of their 2002 harvest

    Due to the mild climatic conditions the 2002 harvest has been
    prolonged by approximately 2 weeks, however this has been to the
    benefit of fruit quality, enhancing typical varietal characters in
    the white varieties and colour intensities within the red varieties.

    Agreements for both red and white varieties have been entered into
    with Evans and Tate, Hope Estate, Ferngrove Estate and Alkoomi.

    To date approximately 800 tonnes have been harvested and delivered to
    the winemakers. Harvest operations continue.

    Progress payments of $140,000 for grape sales will be received today
    with the balance to be received over the next 6 months. Additional
    payments are anticipated during this period once the winemakers have
    classified the fruit quality.

    Under the agreement with Alkoomi, the red tonnages will be supplied,
    processed and bottled. Southern Wine Corporation Ltd is currently in
    negotiation with a wine marketing group to purchase the total number
    of bottled wine produced for the Company by Alkoomi.

    The Company believes that committing some of the harvest to this
    value-adding process not only offers a better return to Growers, but
    also takes an important step towards creating a premium wine product
    from the Geographe (Donnybrook) Region.

    B Hendrie

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