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tty tightens the noose

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    As per AFR.com TTY Chairman Andrew Simpson announced at today's AGM that they have in the past month clawed back $500k of the loan from OLY which must make OLY's life support machine struggle even harder.

    TTY's share price has completely tanked and clearly the board of TTY are going to put its survival well and truly before propping up its ill-advised Kiernan investment strategy. This has seen MON and MAL collapse, OLY undertaking a strategic review (same as what MAL did) and NMI trying on a rights issue to raise urgently needed funding.

    Meanwhile analysts are still bullish on Zircon. Pity this mob didn't make some hard decisions a long time ago. I certainly wouldn't support the MD's views on Randall's performance. The events of last year and early this year were an utter disgrace.
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