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truth or deceit

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    Come next week we should all be able to ascertain the potential of our CBM93-004 drilling results. I write truth or deceit as a title for good reasons, One of our CTP thread contributors (writings as viewed below) stated in black and white that verbal contact had been established between our contributor and JH, based on the conversations our contributor requested information from JH him self on the drilling results of CBM93-004, on each of these occasion our HC CTP thread contributor was verbally told by JH that the results were:
    Good to exceptional; and
    Rating of between 7 and maybe 8 (10 being excellent)

    The point I am making is that based on information between two individuals (word of mounth) we should expect very good results, this statement is based on placing an average rating on review of the two responses between our contributor and JH.

    If a very good result is achieved we should see around coal 150 + metres thickness which could produce a range from 250 billion tonnes to over 5 trillion tonnes, 1.175 trillion tonnes would therefore be considered to be a realistic" This probability is in fact looking achievable.

    If very good results is achieved we should also be assumed that gas saturation be around 3 m3/t making CTP the new darling of the region. This probability yet to be indicated.

    Now back to the truth or deceit, and as being cautious type of person, I would not be expecting any announcements involving the CBM93-004 hole would make CTP into a BHP overnight. What does stick me as being alittle ofdd, the world of drill is very small indeed, on more occasions than not, the SP due to inside information moves prior to any release of information, at the very least the trading volume dramatically increases, this has not happened.

    So just a word of caution, if those expecting fire works on our CBM93-004 results dont be disappointed if the results are less than anticipated. As for communications between people and CEOs or other in organisation, be sceptical of what you hear, I will reserve my judgement on posts 4892693 and 4881579 once i read the ASX price sensitive information.

    Happy New Year to you all and may CTP turn you into instant wealthy folks.

    PS Heron12, thanks for the posts hope you dont mind that i used them as references as viewed below.

    Heron Post #: 4892693 dated 29/12/09 (6 thumbs up)
    spoke to JH. He was a bit surprised by reaction , after i said SP is down to 0.14. Reply : "SP will sort out itself; we just corrected statment of our JV partener. We have to get to busness and drill other 4 holes in 2010. So far, result are good to exeptional. We need more time to anlayse it. But abouve our intitial expectations." Then he said "stay tuned"

    Heron12 # 4881579 dated 22/12/09 (22 thumbs up)
    Spoke to JH . Asked him how would you rate result to date from 1-10 (10 being excelent).
    His comment was strong 7 , may be 8. He is happy with significant coal found. Definetely better then previous well drelled. Said have to wait for more result

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