.truth is that garnaut is partisan

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    "Truth is that Garnaut is partisan"

    snipet;"......... There is a great divide between the evangelical elites and ordinary people with common sense and prudence. It is the very essence of common sense to see what costs comparable countries are imposing and move at a comparable speed. This does not justify a unique carbon tax for Australia.

    I travel a good deal in Asia, the US and the Middle East, and climate change barely figures in the popular debates in those countries, which means that their governments are not under much pressure to do anything.

    As with the illegal immigrants debate, you have to triple-check everything the government says to you on this matter. Canada is listed in the government's Fact Sheet as having a carbon price. In fact, Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper just won the first clear-cut victory for the Conservatives in 25 years by promising no carbon tax or ETS. The Fact Sheet is referring to vastly less effective state-based carbon taxes within Canada. The same is true for the misleading material about the US. The Fact Sheet begins with a lie. It says: "All countries - and all the major emitters - are acting now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions." Later on it sheepishly admits the contradictory reality, that China's emissions are set to continue to rise massively for many years to come. Japan has delayed an ETS indefinitely and South Korea is not planning to introduce one for several years, yet both are frequently presented as though they do have such schemes.

    The EU's ETS, in its first six years of operation, raised a little more than $2.5 billion. At a carbon price of $25 a tonne, the Australian tax would raise more than $11bn in its first year.

    It's perfectly sensible to be cautious about changes of this magnitude. The Australian political system has struggled with this issue, as have other Western nations. It is utterly dishonest to say only the pro-tax side has integrity. I am not remotely convinced that Europe is so successful on tax that Australia should emulate it, only more intensely.

    Complete article: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/commentary/truth-is-that-garnaut-is-partisan/story-e6frgd0x-1226075912763

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