Who the hell is Nader and what's the relevance?I haven't wasted...

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    Well that's Amazon for you.
    Who the hell is Nader and what's the relevance?
    I haven't wasted my time watching or listening to drivel.
    If you haven't noticed, the OP is that Trump wins, America wins. And it is winning under the great stewardship of the current (and long term) POTUS.
    If you haven't been to America, you obviously don't appreciate that most work in hospitality at low rates and depend on tips to supplement their wage. That's the main reason the service far exceeds what our hospitality workers.

    In any event, the facts are undeniable. The lower paid in America, since Donald Trump took power from the useless Obama, have been the main beneficiaries of increased wages. ex Amazon if you must.
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