trump rhetoric and all the unfair trade rubbish ...

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    it seems that in 2019, America was better off by a miserable 11bn in relation to the trade deficit ..

    America gained a bit in relation to china, but fell behind in relation to mexico and the European union..

    source was BOOM BUST.. a show from RT (the Russian propaganda channel)
    anyway, wasn't mexico going to be building that wall... just another trump idiot show comment ..

    the following link is good enough to confirm what the show was stating

    Mexico Balance of Trade | 1980-2019 Data | 2020-2022 ...

    Mexico’s trade surplus widened sharply to USD 3068 million in December 2019 from USD 1859 million in the same month of the previous year and beating market expectations of USD 138 million. It was the largest trade surplus on record, as exports rose 3 percent to USD 38663 million boosted by sales of both oil (4.3%) and non-oil (2.9%), of which manufacturing products (2.6%), agricultural (7.5% .


    mexico sure is making a great effort to pay for that wall - or is that more of clown trump's brilliant 5 dimensional chess

    lol trump - making mexico great again .

    from memory, trump was going to re negotiate the NAFTA to make it more fairer for usa.. comment at the time was the new deal was very much the same as the previous deal lol lol lol .. trump sure knows all about winning deals

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