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    So hard to compare apples with apples as the type and length of lockdown clearly has an effect.
    The biggest problem I have with what we are doing in this country, lockdowns, is the enormous damage being done to mental health right across the board.
    It must be sole destroying for small business, cafe pubs ect.
    There, up until recently, didn't appear to be any end game from the pollies. I have just booked my jabs as I see a clear path forward 80% open the gates. I believe the High court will overturn a recent decision against Clive Palmer that tried to prove the lockdowns are actually unconstitutional. The constitutional lawyer said he believed the High court got it wrong the first time, but their excuse was based on the lack of vaccine's, That excuse has gone now.
    We are just going to have to take a punt at some point we can't close ourselves off from the world forever, and anyone who thinks that is a nut job.
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