Trump has misread China

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    In trying to correct the horrendous trade gap with China Trump has assumed that the Chinese leadership was humane (with Chinese characteristics of course). In fact these are the same hardened stailinist who unleashed the tanks in 1989. There is no outrage that stalinists will commit against their population. The army even swears allegiance to the parasitic stalinist bureaucracy that runs the joint. these stalinist will let the whole country starve if it lets them beat Trump.

    An ABC female anchor on News 24 was even gushing over a local uni lecturer who was 100% behind the Red Guard students in our unis because they believe in Chinese politics. The woman was nodding her head in agreement with the local stooge.
    So our uni mate reckons that it is ok to beat up students in Hong Kong as long as they believe it is the right thing.

    Always remember that it was uni academics that were the first to stampede in behind the nazis.
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