Trump has always been racist . There is little doubt about it ., page-3

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    pick a racist:

    A. Black actor: There isn't enough black actors in the movie x.
    b. White actor: There isn't enough white actors in the movie x.

    Is the program for African American disadvantaged children not race segregation?
    Are all disadvantaged children not supposed to be the same in the society we are preached about?
    What would you think if someone wants to pass a bill to fund a European American disadvantaged children program?

    Do you think I'm racist for mentioning these examples or just pointing to paradox of "equality" narative?

    So the question is: if Trump is racist aren't those people that keep talking about African American this and that.
    How often do you hear: Well done for picking European American for (whatever)?

    You'll never have world that's equal while treating people different. The same goes for woman rights, etc...

    It's the same with Trump and he's accusers. They all say racist stuff. All the time
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