Trump - From Infinite Hope to Greatest Disaster

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    Donald Trump was elected as a non-politician as the people had become tired and disillusioned with the majors.

    He promised what people wanted - draining the swamp and making America great again.

    There was an icing on the cake though - the rort that is AGW, would be exposed and dealt with as well.

    Donald Trump failed to make America great again - dismally. If anything, it appears clear that at the end of his Presidency, America is further on the road to ruin.

    Donald Trump failed to drain the swamp - dismally. It appears clear that at the end of his Presidency, he himself was consumed by the swamp.

    While Donald Trump made strides on the AGW scam, he did not expose it so an incoming Biden will spend trillions on stopping AGW meaning that the money will find itself into the pockets of the already rich and powerful and create new millionaires and billionaires.

    A sad indictment on a man who will be quickly forgotten. RIP, Mr Donald Trump.
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