Trump Criminal Trials

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    Now that Trump has been indicted despite the Trump worshippers predicting he would not, time for a new thread for us to discuss progress in getting Trump to Trial

    In the Hush money case at this stage the trial scheduled for March 2024, DA Bragg has hinted he can move that case to allow others to go ahead first

    In the documents thingy case at this stage Trump friendly Judge has that trial scheduled for May 2024

    Jack Smith has proposed a 2nd January start date for the Jan 6th case, well experienced no nonsense judge looks keen to get that one happening and I think this is the case that will start and finish first with the first conviction of a former president. Trump already holds the title of being the first former president to be indicted

    We wait and see when the Georgia trail date gets set, no doubt the media is hanging out at the jail that Trump is required to hand himself in. I hear he will get a mug shot

    Exciting times ahead, kick off with this clip from about a year ago. Because Justis Matters

    Once Trump is Indicted, What Challenges Lie Ahead Regarding Impaneling a Fair and Impartial Jury?

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