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    Concerns as Hicks faces US trial
    There is concern over whether an Australian with alleged links to the Taliban will receive a fair trial under the United States system.

    David Hicks is one of six detainees being held in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba who will now face a US military commission.

    Mr Hicks has been held without charge in Cuba for more than a year and a half.

    The Prime Minister, John Howard, says he is confident the Adelaide man will now receive a fair trial under the United States system.

    But the Labor party says it is not even known what Mr Hicks is being charged with and they want him returned to Australia, as does Democrat Senator Brian Greig.

    "There is no excuse, no reason why he shouldn't be returned to Australia," he said.

    The Greens Senator Bob Brown agrees.

    "He should be brought home and charged if he has committed some crime," he said.

    Another Australian man Mamdouh Habib from Sydney is also among more than 600 other detainees being held in US custody in Cuba.

    The British Government has also expressed reservations about an American proposal to try enemy combatants from Afghanistan before a special military commission.

    Two British citizens and Australian David Hicks are among the first six prisoners at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba who will be eligible for trial.

    However, British Foreign Office Minister Baroness Symons says her government will be following through on a number of concerns, not least of which is the enforcement of the death penalty.

    "It's enormously important that they have access to lawyers, that they know what the evidence is against them and of course that there is some form of appeal and I hope it goes without saying we will object very vigorously indeed to any access to the death penalty," she said.

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