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    The US Army is investigating the deaths of two prisoners who died while under US military custody at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, a US military spokesman has confirmed.

    Lieutenant Commander Nick Balice, a spokesman for the US Central Command in Tampa, Florida, said the investigation was "into the deaths of two persons that were under custody".

    But he refused to comment on reports the two prisoners died as a result of "blunt force injury" at the base last December.

    "That is all part of the investigation, and until that investigation is complete we're not going to respond on the basis of newspaper accounts of that incident," he said.

    Colonel Roger King, the military spokesman at Bagram, told newspaper The Washington Post that a military pathologist listed homicide as the official cause of death.

    The death certificate of one of the prisoners, a 22-year-old named Dilawar from the eastern province of Khost, said he died on December 10 from "blunt force injuries to lower extremities complicating coronary artery disease," the newspaper said.

    Colonel King told the newspaper the death of the other prisoner, Mullah Habibullah, aged about 30, from the southern province of Oruzgan, was also attributed to a blunt force injury, in addition to a blood clot in the lung.
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