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    Lets take a truck driver for instance who is on a income of $60k per year. He will recieve approximately $450 in compensation from the carbon tax. What this truck driver doesnt understand he might be recieving $8.60 per week but his employer will be burdened by alot more when this tax is implemented.

    He may normally have is income assessed 6 monthly or even annually though dont expect to be given pay increase due to the excessive taxes applied to his employer(for instance tax on diesel).

    This will be ecoed throughout the economy.

    The cost of living is alot at the moment and dont expect that $8.60 is going to offset anything once this tax is applied.

    The Australian stock market has been once of the worst performing markets in the world for the past 3 yrs and there is a reason for this. That is the uncertainity this Labor government has placed on the economy with business reducing output or captial expenditure for future growth prospects. Look outside the large projects being implemented in the mining industry and you will see small business is getting a hiding.

    Due to the poor performance of small business the governments budget has been hit hard. This carbon tax is only going to try to offset this deficit though it will only be for a short time due to business further degrading over this period of time.

    We need to give business certainity, we need to give business the opportunity ans incentives to improve the carbon foot print. Not tax them for the short term. This has not been the case.

    The labor/green government has made a mistake for there prospects of being re-elected in the coming 2 decades.

    I will not be voting for labor ever again as I stand on this ground.
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