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Tropicana East

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    Looks like historical announcements show we potentially may have a SBM type 'Leonora' mine on our hands.. She's littered with gold.... Get that drill bit spinning boys...

    In December 2010, Beadell announced the discovery of signi cant gold mineralisation at the Atlantis prospect at the southern end of the Hercules Shear Zone. Aircore drill results included 15m @ 24.8g/t gold and 19m @ 12.1g/t gold. First pass RC drilling at Atlantis in 2011 determined an unexpected moderate northwest dip of the mineralised shear zone with RC results including 3m @ 5.8g/t gold, 2m @ 7.7g/t gold and 2m @ 24.9g/t gold.
    A second zone of gold mineralisation was intersected a further 5km to the northeast at the Hercules prospect. Results included 19m @ 1.3g/t gold, 3.3m @ 2.2g/t gold and a composite result of 10m @ 7.8g/t gold.
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