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trinidad and the orinoco oil-belt

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    "At a recent national energy consultation in San Fernando, one of our esteemed geologists in Trinidad and Tobago indicated to us that 80 per cent of all the oil that has ever been discovered is still in the ground, so we still have oil in the ground; we still have heavy oil resources that we could develop, and there is tremendous interest in this country," he said.
    Ramnarine said the fruits of Government's efforts over the last eight months will develop in the first to second quarter of 2011".


    Trinidad is part of the Orinoco oil belt, the Guerico sub basin and could contain much, much more oil than was previously thought. Peter LANDAU, with his keen eye on a safe bargain, may have hit the jackpot with this acquisition of the SOCA. I for one am fast changing my priorities in RRL's operations for Trinidad, politically safe and right on America's door step. 100% owned, one wonders about our overall prospects? First it was Puntland, next Georgia is on every ones mind? Texas is still all the rage with ECV and NCR due any day with frac flow rates. Range Resources? RANGE RESOURCES...more than just a punt?

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