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    Trillion is my new favorite word.

    These YPB guys are delivering on trials and contracts... again and again and again.

    TRILLIONS.... I like that even better.

    This from August 11 2014....


    And about 6 months later...... as promised..... some fapiao news today......

    fapiao start.png

    The floodgates are opening.

    Get it to $1..... raise a few million with the Goldman Sachs buyers... and lets get this thing pumping.

    YKK for zippers.

    YPB for brand protection.....

    You can make million$ selling peanuts... you just need volume. Like millions and trillions of little things....

    So many many many more clients in the pipeline....

    Come on folks.... questions and answers time.... the thread has been too quiet for too long.

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