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    I find it interesting that RTL is about to commence clinical trials yet they have not made a ASX announcement regarding the successful manufacture of syringes off their TGA approved production line. Maybe this is because the production line was not successful and is not complete and up and running so how could they be doing clinical trials without the correctly produced syringes. I'll tell you why because it's a load of bullsh*t, thats why. It would have made a great announcement but it couldn't be made because RTL are not ready for manufacture. Risktaker I will quote your words, "THIS STOCK IS A FUC*I#G JOKE" I couldn't agree with you more. Talk about pulling the wool over their eyes. RTL's main concern has been to announce anything to try and dampen UNI as they quitely move into production early 2005. All the crap posts and misleading facts made by UNI baggers is all sour grapes. UNI will be ready to manufacture early 2005 because as I hear it, most of the injection moulding machines are in place in the clean room in Sydney waiting for the final assembly line move in Jan.
    To quote risktaker again "RTL what a joke"
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