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    Hi Gerry,

    just to point out that the NV-07a trials are still continuing but are close to completion. Novogen has stated that no further trials are necessary as they have proved the cosmetic benefits and they do not need FDA approval for the drug (skin cream). The benefits to date are:

    1) 100% DNA repair in 24hours after sunburn. It does this by boosting the immune system & a certain chemical naturally occuring in your skin.
    2) Reddening from sunburn reduced to a vast degree after applying NV-07a
    3) Reduces the risk of skin cancer, both frequency and severity.
    4) Reduces actenic damage to the skin i.e. prevents wrinkling and thickening of the skin.

    This is likely to be a big winner for Novogen but all eyes are looking at Phenoxodiol. If stage II trials for Phenoxodiol prove successful then NRT will see fireworks.

    Stage II trials have started as Gerry has pointed out and each trial will have 2 parts. The first trial will be testing Phenoxodiol in 6 different types of leukemia's at RNS hospital. One type will be on patients with chronic myeloid leukemia that have failed GLEEVEC. Part A will be using Phenoxodiol and part B on a combinational therapy using Cisplatin and Phenoxodiol.

    Yale recently showed that Cisplatin (via increasing death receptors on cancer cells) will dramatically increase the potency of Phenoxodiol in killing cancer calls. The main reason was that Phenoxodiol has 2 main methods of killing cancer cells. One method takes 48 hours via the BAX mechanism and the other takes 4 hours via activation of the death receptors. Using Cisplatin will kill all cancer cells via the fastest pathway i.e. 4 hours. Looking at the dosages stated by Novogen at the recent AGM, the Combo therapy will increase the potency of Phenoxodiol by 40 times.

    I've done a few valuations based on the size of the market and looking at recent royalty arrangements + GLEEVEC sales. The valuations are ridiculously high but all hinge on how well Phenoxodiol works. We'll know in 6-12 months time.

    Expect two more trials to start this month. One on Ovarian cancer at Yale University and the other on cervical cancer.


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