TRH 0.00% 83.0¢ transit holdings limited

trh should get plenty for bang for its bucks.

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    placement within the next 3 months 10mm shares.

    TRH should get plenty for bang for it's bucks.

    lets say placement price is 40 cps X 10mm =$4mm

    they already have a couple of mm in the bank, so you might say they have $6mm for drilling (less corp expenses).

    if the drilling goes extremely well then one might see the share price perhaps over $1.00

    fully diluted approx 50mm shares

    $1.00 = market cap approx $50mm

    $1.50 = market cap approx $75mm

    the above two possible market caps are still extremely small...

    resource of 5mm tonnes @$20 per tonne =$100mm

    resource of 10mm tonnes @$20 per tonne =$200mm
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