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treatment of ovarian cancer

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    Thanks to "Rolyatcap" writing about Ovary Cancer (Yahoo):
    "Accelerated Approval,

    Let not forget just how tough this disease is to treat and cure.
    “Ovarian cancer is the second most common gynecologic cancer; it causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. An estimated 25,200 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 1999, and approximately 14,500 women are expected to die from the disease this year alone.”

    Current Oncology has no answer to Ovarian cancer unless it is caught very early, Stage one. But due to symptoms it is very difficult to diagnose.

    “Despite improvements in therapy, first-line chemotherapy fails to provide response rates in more than 20 percent of patients and approximately 40 percent to 50 percent of women who do experience a response to initial treatment relapse within two years”

    The most recent drug Doxil, received FDA approval straight from Stage 2. It does not CURE.

    “Patients in the phase II studies with refractory ovarian cancer demonstrated a 13.8 percent response rate, defined as a reduction in tumor size of at least 50 percent”

    * * * * So in the case of Yale trials for PHENOXODIOL, response is defined as 5 out of the 40 women showing a response.
    A response is not a cure but a reduction in Tumor size of 50% * * * *

    Novogen is going after the hardest cancer’s to treat, even a minor response in condition will help them get FDA approval, which in turn will allow the development of a partnership with a big drug company to provide funding for new products.

    Final note J&J purchased Alza corp. the maker of Doxil for $13 billion!! (Obviously they did not have just one drug) however what this demonstrates is that NVGN at a current Market cap of $150 million may have a bit to run!

    This is where I took the quotes above from.

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