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treatment of aio to bbi

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    Have a read of this article in the Australian on AIO,25197,24644774-2702,00.html

    Certainly interesting parallels with BBI,high debt,infrastructure,but the article is written in a manner, that brings into question the analyst that recommended sell of AIO.
    No comments in this article like the 'troubled' Asciano etc.

    Too bad they (The Australian) could not find a journalist to do an article with the same 'objectivity' on BBI.

    I have seen this with other stocks as well,all being relatively equal,that some get good press and others negative press based on what?
    self interest?
    institutional support?
    A 'favourite' amongst Newspaper's backers?

    Would like opinions on this, as i hope to be wrong in my assessment,that at this point,

    "all stocks will be treated with equal journalistic objectivity,and some stocks are more equal than others"(apology to Orwell)
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