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tread carefully

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    Hi all, I am very intriqued with the goings on of ATI and all the HC posts.

    I was a fairly large holder of ATI and the oppies a few months ago, but I was concerned that the agreement with Vinacomin that was due to be announced was never forth coming, It was a clear stalling approach in all the announcements I read.

    I researched back 12-18 months and found that the exact tennements that ATI was trying to do a deal with was previously held(or trying to be held) by a very large miner, for memory it may have been CHINALCO, this concerned me, I remember thinking that why would such a large company distance itself from the same play that ATI was boasting about.

    I couldn't come to any conclussion, but, felt something was a miss. This may NOT be the case, but, I decided to get out as I have been burnt before by "STORY TELLING COMPANIES".

    The reason I have kept an interest is that I would have nearly trippled my money had I stayed in, and Was looking to see if they where actually telling the truth or not.

    I still don't know if they are or not.

    This is not a down ramp, I don't hold and I will not hold again, All I am trying to say is TREAD VERY CAREFULLY.

    Research back 12-18 months and see which company pulled out and find out why, it maybe worthwhile for long term holders.
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