transol ipo next week

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    Transol, TNC, will list early next week. Technology has progressed on from Redflex. Indeed I think one of the redflex founders is the TNC boss.
    They had won 2 contracts in the USA when I applied for the IPO.
    They now have just announced the winning of the WA police tender, again
    beating Redflex as they did in the USA.

    TNC much more user friendly/cheaper to install/cheaper to operate than Redflex & other competing systems, so it looks pretty good.
    I don't know, but I suspect they may be talking to the Victorian government after all their problems. Seems they could solve their issues for them, but it depends on the contract in place now I guess.
    But, with what seems like the best technology in the world atm, TNC look set to fly.

    25c IPO with 1:2 free 25c oppy exp May '06.

    Worth a read.


    I hold quite a few.
    As usual, CAVEAT EMPTOR.



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