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    Wirtschaftsnews - & raw materials Go exclusively - 17.11.08

    To what extent does the civil war Moto concern gold mines and commerce Resources?

    Stuttgart (www.rohstoffe-go.de) the Africa correspondent of the FAZ reported past week over the dramatic circumstances of its three-day capture through fighter the May May in the East of the Congo. The worst had been, so the reporter that he doesn't have to do had it with a regular army, but rather with child soldiers, who stood moreover often under drug. An understanding had not been possible. The "children" would not have known once, what a journalist would be. Only with good fortune, the reporter survived. The diplomatic pressure provided finally that the journalist freely came.


    The events in the Congo and its manifold echo in the media force investors for meditation and demands: What is happened for example with Moto gold mines the business of the civil war concerned? But also for business, that are not at all even in the Congo active, the war has nevertheless applies effects concrete in the Congo, for example to commerce Resources it in the meantime as proved (see the report of the federal agency for geosciences; goldinvest.de/public/count_story.asp) that the trade with Coltan – a Tantalmineral – contributes substantially to the financing of the war. In a TV report of the ZDF, even the supposition was expressed that the war is stirred up therefore in order to be able to dismantle the undisturbed the mineral resources.

    First of all to Moto gold mines we have the large good fortune that we are not directed to the judgment of the events in the Congo exclusively on television and media. We can question for example Andrew Dinning, CEO of Moto gold mines, what we did recently on the noble metal fair in Munich also. The Moto project is in the extreme north East of the Congo near the Ugandan boundary. Dinning describes the situation in the camp of Moto as unchanged peaceful. The war events whose pictures concern the world happen approximately 500 kilometer south in the area around Goma. Moto would not be concerned. That had been also in the past so. Dinning expects rather that in things permission stands a decision directly before. The corresponding group would be now again completely occupied and action capable.

    According to the accounts should nothing change at the distribution 70/30 between Moto and Okimo. In any case a money payment of Moto could demand the Congo once again. We will pursue the events of the coming days attentively. If the permission comes, an acceptance of the Moto project only a matter of time seems to be.
    Commerce Resources is said how, not even in the Congo actively. Nevertheless the connection to the subject "blood Coltan" is conceivably near. On the youngest meeting of the members of the Tantalindustrie (TIC) in Shanghai in October a technology was introduced for the first time, with which the origin of Tantal can be traced back. More or few representatives of the leading Tantalproduzenten Talison of mineral directly raised at the same time from Australia the accusation vis-à-vis the host Chinese that they relate its raw material on unclean authority. A consequence was that the Managing Director was unloaded by Talison of the organization. It is worthwhile to think about a moment over the accusations. For at the end, the conditions in the Congo concern us consumer very directly. Want we – or we know – know comes from where the Tantal in the condensers, that is processed in our mobile phones? Public pressure should provide that the provision ways openly are put. Also for the Chinese, that must count. The large groups such as Nokia, Samsung or Dell may give themselves anyway no Blöße. The organization in Shanghai clearly showed, offered is how urgently a dependable, industrial provision of the world with Tantal. Commerce has the chance to close this offer space. In the coming six months becomes the business, coming from the large samples, that already were taken, considerable progress toward feasibility of the project report can. The more quickly one establishes himself than the coming Tantalproduzent, the better for the industry.
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