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transcore - is there a connection?

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    Following on from recent posts which followed a comment I made re Transcor, I have followed up with a more direct request from Transcor into what they are doing, and specifically, what they are doing with Mikoh. The response, as you can see is very guarded, but at least confirms they have been looking at the Mik technology. They have at least heard of them!!!

    Don't know about anyone else, but the last shareholder update left me feeling much more positive about my Mikoh holding; if only they can survive. I also got the feeling that for the first time, the Doc, (no, not you Doc) has realised this is too big for him to handle alone. Hense the suggestions of a need for alliances with others in the distribution business etc. Mmmm, time will tell. God I'd love to have a close contact over there. If these guys ever get recognised, the fan will start looking up in bewilderment.

    TransCore is a transportation systems integrator. We specialize in secure Freight Management Systems, International Border Crossings, and Trade
    Corridors. We are looking for various tamper resistant RFID tags to accommodate the various customer requirements, Mikoh being one of the

    We are working on the SMART Border Pilot Project at Otay Mesa, CA and Blaine, WA
    The FAST (Free And Secure Trade) system for commercial vehicle detection & identification at trade gateways.
    We are working on Port Security Systems, Operations Safe Commerce, the secure container initiative, and related projects.

    Bill Steiner
    Technical Director
    Trade Corridor & Border Crossing Group
    TransCore San Diego
    (858) 826-2156
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Currently unlisted public company.

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